Top Rated Sanitizers for Home Brewing

Best Sanitizers for Home Brewing

Is there any better feeling than drinking beer you made in your own home? For those successful home brewers, the feeling is one that drives a pursuit of crafting tasty suds over and over again. Home brewers know that there are few ingredients more important to the brewing process than sanitizer. Bacteria and fungicide can ruin the efforts of even the most experienced brewer; that’s why sanitizer is so important. Below are the top three sanitizers for home brewing industry currently available on the market.

1. Star San 32oz

Price – $20


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Star San, by Home Brew Stuff, is the leading sanitizer on the market today. It is not used in beer brewing but also in dairy and cooking equipment. Star San is known for its user friendly application and effectiveness in reducing water spotting. Star San is a self-foaming acid sanitizer, which means it can be used for internal or external sanitization. This is the industry standard for keeping your brew or brewing equipment free of water spots and bacteria.

2. Home Brew Ohio 3530 C-Brite Cleanser 0.8 oz. (Pack of 3)

Price – $7

Home Brewing Sanitizers for 2017
C-Brite, from the Home Brew Ohio company, is designed specifically for the use in home brewing of beer or winemaking. The cheap, affordable sanitizer is recommended for use on bottles, glassware, plastics, metals, equipment and utensils…basically everything. While not as strong or widely applicable as other options, its affordability and American made stamp of approval, make this a solid choice for home brewing aficionados.

3. National Chemical BTF Iodophor Sanitizer Cleaner for Home Brew Kegs, 32 oz

Price -$19

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If you’re looking for a lot of sanitizer, this is the sanitizer for you. The BTF Iodophor Sanitizer from National Chemical company can make up to 320 gallons of sanitizer that prevent bacteria deposits from building up in your home brewing equipment. The sanitizer is odorless and effective, trusted by restaurants and home brewers alike. Look no further for a solid sanitizer that will last you a long time for only $20.

No matter what sanitizer you choose, make sure that you follow the directions of use in order to make sure that your hard work in brewing your own beer is not wasted. Keep your equipment clean and your beer fresh. Cheers!

I hope this article is helpful and will assist you in buying the best sanitizers for home brewing.

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