Top 3 Commercial Brewing Equipment

Best Commercial brewing equipment

Other than the essential gears which are kept in many retail places and industries, one common machine they all have is a commercial brewing equipment. If we look at the current scenario, competition has shifted on a fiercer scale and many companies are coming up with different variants of brewing kettle. Despite the dissimilarity among them, all of them excel in their category with some really good features which they offer to the consumers.
In this article, you will get to know the Top 3 commercial brewing equipment which are worth buying and also the various factors which you as a consumer should consider while choosing a brewing kettle. So, let’s get started.

Top 3 Commercial Brewing Kettles

1. CONCORD Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Stock Pot (Weldless Fittings) (60 QT/ 15 Gal)

One of the biggest brands in the field of cookware, Concord has to be in the top list of the very best commercial brewing kettles. Despite much competition all over the world, here are some features which make this brewing equipment a lot more ahead than most of the brands.

  • Commercial Quality Stainless Steel
    One of the top features which are available in the commercial brewing kettle is the availability of a stainless steel body. In this brewing kettle, a premium quality stainless steel is used, and further polishing is given for additional enchanting the overall look of this brewing equipment.
  • Accessories
    Also, the accessories which you will get this brewing kettle is made from a very high quality 304 Stainless Steel. Thus, as a commercial user, you can remain fulfilled as the equipment will undoubtedly be kept free from all the rusting issues even in the long run.
  • Hangable Lid
    Not much Brewing Kettle’s provides this convenient feature which makes the Concord Kettle far ahead from its competitors. With such product, you will be able to hang your lid aside kettle for a better feasibility.
  • Pre-Drilled Kettle
    In the whole Assembly process, the time required will be less than 10 minutes, and the only tool which is required is a wrench and pretty reliable hands.
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2. CONCORD Triply Bottom Stainless Steel Stock Pot Home Brew Kettle (80 QT)

If you are looking for a Brewing Kettle, from a tougher brand also have a bigger storage area, Concord Triply Brewing Kettle will surely be the best-loved choice. Here are some of the features of this Kettle which will surely tempt you to buy one.

  • Stainless Steel all over
    This Kettle from Concord is made solely from Stainless Steel material. As a result, you will never face the rusting issue in any case. Also, the fully polished feature gives this kettle, a more premium look and a perfect finish from all sides.
  • Dual Layer Stainless Steel
    One of the main highlights of this brewing kettle is the reinforcement of dual layer stainless steel on the Pot Rims. This mechanism is pretty much robust, thick and can withstand any pressure without any issue.
  • The Availability of a Triply Bottom
    With the availability of a Triply bottom surface, you can get the added benefit of your food not stuck on the bottom of the pot.

Altogether, this model has got everything which makes it the very best from the rest. With a combination of reinforced rims, high-quality polish, triply bottom and a reinforced handle, the one which you are looking for commercial purposes is right in-front of you.

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3. CONCORD Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Stock Pot (Weldless Fittings) TRIPLY BOTTOM VERSION (100 QT/ 25 Gal)

For people who are in need of a massive Brew Kettle, this one will surely cater to the needs of every user to an absolute level of perfection. With such a vast volume Kettle, all the cooking work can be performed at a single time, and no issue of buying another brewing Kettle will arise in the nearby future. It has a wide range of features, here are some of them which make this substantially sized kettle the very best.

  • Stainless Steel Body
    Although this Kettle is of a humongous size, the company hasn’t compromised much on its quality. This Kettle is solely made from stainless steel all over and is further polished for giving a better visual appearance to the customers.
  • Accessories made from a very high-quality stainless steel
    Apart from the Kettle which is made from Stainless Steel, this brand provides its accessories that access as well. With the use of a 304 stainless steel are all the accessories made and will surely give a marathon performance in the long run.
  • Double Ply Reinforcement
    At the Rim and triply bottom is the Double Ply Reinforcement done. With such kind of mechanism, durability and the other entire essential factor gets an edge by a huge margin.
  • Weld Less Construction All over
    With the availability of a wields less construction, you can remove and clean this brewing kettle as and when needed.
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Factors which you should consider while choosing commercial brewing equipment

1. Budget for Success
The topic which no one wants to admit is the one which is the most essential. Yes, before going for a commercial brewing kettle, you should make a budget which can prove to be a lot handy when you actually buy one. Although it can be hard to invest in a higher price kettle, it will be a bigger mistake to choose a cheaper variant to fulfill your daily needs.
2. Size Doesn’t Matter
Without a doubt, the most valuable area before you go to buy a commercial brewing kettle is the Volume. Greater is the volume; greater will be the storage capacity and the longer it can serve to the people. But, in reality, you can easily make a 10-gallon batch straight into a 15-gallon kettle. Also, there is no need to become a lot stingy in picking up a high volume gallon as you can fit-in some metrics and can get the desired volume.
3. Choose the right Quality Material
The two most used materials for any brewing pot is Aluminum as well as Stainless Steel. Where Stainless steel is the most prominent and one of the best material for any brewing equipment, Aluminum is a little on the lighter side.
Unfortunately, Aluminum is not as durable as Stainless steel, and there is a need to develop an oxide layer which is much relevant to the brewer. As a result, the aluminum pots need to have special cleaners for the protection of oxide layer.

Final Thoughts
Apart from the above Top 3 Commercial Brewing Equipment, which one to go for will purely depend on individual’s choice and budgeting criteria. But, if you are the one who was in need of buying the best commercial brewing kettle from a whole lot, choosing from the above three will definitely prove to be the best choice for you in the long run.

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