Overview of Top Home Brewing Equipment

Top Home Brewing Equipment

For those of us who love to use our home brewing kits to make delicious beer, we know that the quality of the beer depends on the quality of the equipment. While many home brewers use all in one kits, there are several key pieces of equipment that are vital to realizing the sweet and tasty dream of drinking homemade beer. Below is an overview of the top three pieces of home brewing equipment needed to make great beer.

1. Immersion Wart Chiller

Price – $107 

Home Brewing Equipment

While some high-end start kits come with a wart chiller, many don’t. Immersion chillers are vital to the home brewing operation for one very important reason: they lower the risk of bacterial contamination. Cooling the boiling wart to the perfect yeast pitch temperature needs to happen as fast as possible; the longer it takes to cool, the higher the risk of contamination. Thus, an immersion wart chiller is an essential piece of kit in the home brewers operation.

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2.  Auto-Siphon

Price – $10-15

Best Home Brewing Equipment

Without the use of an electric pump, most home brewers will rely on gravity to transfer wort from their fermentation bucket and to transfer the beer to a keg or secondary vessel after primary fermentation is complete. The auto-siphon is an essential, cheap, piece of gear that are extremely easy to use. Which is a good thing because they perform such a vital function.

3. Refractometer

Price – $25 – 100 

Top Home Brewing Equipment
While most home brewers will start out using a hydrometer, there is perhaps no better upgrade than the jump to using a refractometer. This amazing tool will help make the brewing day extremely more effi-cient and improve the overall quality of your juice. Refractometers can range anywhere from $25 to $100, but they are so useful. They can be used to calculate starch conversion, pre-boil gravity, and post-boil gravity. The efficiency factor in this gadget makes it a must-have.

These three tools are not necessary to make beer. But they are vital to making GREAT beer. Having these tools in your home brewers kit will make you that much better of a brewer. The reward? Your beer will taste better.

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