3 Secrets of Buying Best Homebrew Sanitizers

Buying Best Homebrew Sanitizers

Those who love to brew their own beer will find this article quite helpful. Only the homebrewers can understand how careful one has to be while brewing beer, from choosing the right grain along with some exotic flavors to test a new hops variety is not an easy task.

At times, we forget that there are foreign elements such as molds, wild yeasts, and bacteria which can easily spoil our hard work, in case proper sanitizing is not carried out.

First of all its important to understand that cleaning is different than sanitizing and no sanitizer will be effective you will not clean your equipment in the first place.

Cleaning and sanitizing go side by side!


Cleaning simply means removing the visible dirt, grime, and residue. Whereas Sanitizing means killing the invisible elements like molds, yeasts, bacteria and other contaminants.
It’s important to clean the equipment as you go. It will help you in reducing your efforts in scrubbing and soaking once you are done with brewing. It’s a simple task! Mix your choice of cleaning products with hot water in a bucket and toss it in the kettles along with other equipment to prevent any sort of hardened-on messes. Keep a habit of rinsing the bottles as soon as you use them. Developing such a habit will help you in cutting down the usage of cleaning products in your arsenal and will also help you in streamlining your cleaning process.
Still, there is some amount of cleaning which you cannot avoid and at times, you need to perform heavy cleaning as well. In case of hardened or burned residues, you need to do so. Scrubbing can result in scratches even on stainless steel equipment, don’t forget that. Increase scratches mean more area for the bacteria to live in. Therefore soaking can help in reducing the need for scrubbing to a great extent.


Once you are done with the Cleaning, it’s time for your equipment and bottles to sanitize.
Keep in mind that each and everything which touches the wort after boiling needs to be sanitized. It includes the fermentor, airlock, lid, rubber stopper, thermometer, yeast starter jar, siphon, and funnel. In fact, the bottles in which you will contain the beer needs to be sanitized too.

The market is full of sanitizers but here are the top 3 sanitizers which you can choose for your home brewing.

1. Diversey Beer Clean Last Rinse Glass Sanitizer, /25oz Powder Packet

It helps in creating a lasting impression which results in increased profits. It is exclusively designed for the bars and breweries to keep the bar glasses clean. It helps the consumer to fully enjoy the flavors and aroma of the crafted beer without leaving any cleaning residue behind or any sort of unpleasant order or taste which other sanitizers do.

  • It gives a thorough cleaning without leaving any odor, residue or aftertaste
  • Helps in cleaning the beer glass as well. Clean looking glasses attract more customers which result in higher profits.
  • It is best known for killing Ecoli and staph germs as per the lab tests conducted on it
  •  It can be used either with cold or hot water.
  •  It is accepted by several breweries across North America 
  • It is best for glass cleaning and sanitizing



  • Can’t be used to clean or sanitize the whole brewing equipment
  • It is loved by the users everywhere. It’s an amazing product to keep your beer glasses new as always, making your beer even more attractive in it.

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2. Home Brew Ohio HOZQ8-1197 Recommended Cleaning System

It is used to clean and sanitize the whole brewing system along with all the equipment.
  • It’s a powdered brewery wash
  • Best cleaning and sanitizing product 
  • Recommended by most of the Home Brewers of Ohio
  • Its environmentally friendly alkali cleaner 
  • It is safe to use on metal, tubing, rubber gaskets, plastic parts etc.
  • It doesn’t have any side effects if comes in contact with your skin.
  • It’s an Acid bases no-rinse sanitizer
  • Its affordable, easy to use and quite effective, takes 1-2 minutes to work
  • Nothing so far.
It is considered as one of the best sanitizers for wine and beer equipment and most of the homebrewers have recommended to use it.
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3. IO Star – 4oz

It is a powerful product used to sanitize bottles and other containers of beer and wine. It can easily be used with cold water. Read the usage ratio on the bottle. Most of the food service establishments use it for sanitizing bottles across the US.
  • It’s a powerful iodine based sanitizer
  • Non-chlorine
  • Best for sanitizing bottles
  • Easy to use 
  • Foaming helps in reaching all the cracks and cervices
  • Its colorless and odorless
  • Can’t be used to sanitize the whole brewing system.
  • Wear Gloves while using it else will make your hands very dry
For those who are running their own brewery will find this product quite useful and powerful.
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These are some of the best products which you can use to clean as well as sanitize your brewery equipment as well as bottles and glasses. Try these out can get rid of all sorts of hidden foreign elements and make your beer taste even better.
Remember the 3 secrets of buying Best Homebrew sanitizers are:
  1. The more you spend the better quality and ease you will avail; therefore, Star San and PBW are always the best ones to buy
  2. In case you are looking for a mid-range one then you can go for others which have sodium percarbonate in it 
  3. In case you really want a cheap yet helpful sanitizer with long-lasting effect then you can go with the standard bleach or IO Star. 
We hope this will help you in buying the best product for your home brewery sanitization.